To achieve a value connection with value-minded travellers, by combining a comfortable, clean, high quality and consistent lodging experience with a highly competitive price, staffed by friendly, positive and professional people.


To rapidly build scale and become the largest value hotel owning company in Asia allowing shareholders to benefit from the fastest growing travel market in the world.


  • Keep it simple and do it properly
    We take the effort to keep what we do simple. We then focus on doing what we do, properly, first time.
  • Pragmatic, positive and professional
    Always seeing the positive in a situation and treating colleagues in a positive and professional manner. Above all, always taking the most practical approach to everything we do.
  • Respect, consideration and sharing
    We treat our colleagues and partners as we would want to be treated ourselves. By understanding that any one of our colleagues’ problems is also our own, we can better understand them, share them, and solve them together.
  • Learning from our mistakes
    We understand that mistakes are inevitable (albeit undesirable) and we treat them as great opportunities to understand what has gone wrong and learn from them as a whole. Admitting to a mistake is encouraged, blaming people is absolutely discouraged.