Shareholder Benefits Programme

Red Planet Japan Inc. announced a shareholder benefit programme for qualified shareholders as of the end of December 2019. The details are as follows:

1. Purpose of implementation

The Company introduced a benefit programme for shareholders from 2019 for the purpose of showing its gratitude to all its shareholders for their support, and offering everyone more opportunities to understand the Company’s group services. As part of our sales and marketing strategy, we expect the programme will allow us to expand our customer base and provide more opportunities for shareholders to use our services, and hence lead to an increase in our shareholder value.

2. Outline of the benefit programme for shareholders

1) Qualified shareholders

Shareholders who are listed in the shareholders register as of December 31, 2019 and own 500 shares (i.e. 5 share units) or more are eligible.

2) List of benefits for use at Red Planet Hotels by number of shares owned

  • 500-2,500 shares (silver member) 10% discount off the best rate available on the Red Planet website
  • 2,501-10,000 shares (gold member) 20% discount off the best rate available on the Red Planet website
  • 10,001 shares and over (platinum member) 30% discount off the best rate available on the Red Planet website

3) Notes

  • The Shareholder discount is valid for six months for any booking on our website ( or mobile apps, on top of our Remembered member 10% discount. 
  • Reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking, and this offer does not apply during the 2020 Olympics for our hotels in Japan.
  • At check-in, shareholders are requested to present the discount card along with appropriate identification. 
  • The discount is available at any Red Planet Hotels in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

For more information, please contact:

Yoshi Ikurumi
Group Chief Financial Officer
Red Planet Japan Inc.
Tel: +81 80 5835 2066