Online Check-in

At Red Planet Hotels, we make guest experience a top priority. Our online check-in and fast check-out system mean more time for guests to enjoy their stay. Online check-in is available 24 hours prior to standard check-in time via mobile app or booking website. Upon arrival at the hotel, guests can use the QR code to claim their keycard from the check-in kiosk in the lobby and head to their rooms in less than 5 minutes.


Red Planet Hotels is all about continuously improving our offering through technology. 360 is our very own customer relationship manager that tracks all our guests’ activities in order to serve them better. From the information we collect from a range of channels such as booking websites, In-stay Mode chat history, and stay history, we learn more about our current and potential customers and how to better cater to their needs. We believe that personalisation is the key to the best guest experience.

Reporting Platform

Growing any company is difficult without knowing how the company is performing. Accurate and actionable operational data has been the foundation of Red Planet’s growth over the years. Every morning, hundreds of reports are automatically generated and distributed to team members at the property, country, and portfolio level enabling insightful and timely data-driven decisions that have allowed Red Planet to become one of the most successful budget hospitality chains in Asia.

Revenue Management

Red Planet’s unique implementation of its intelligent Revenue Management System, IQRates, allows real-time response to market demand. Completely cloud-based and connected directly to the hotel’s Property Management System, IQRates analyses demand and automatically updates rates across all our channels every fifteen minutes.